Wedding Limo Service Rates

Wedding limo service will run between $250 and $500 dollars. Limousines have a set rate and are billed by the hour, but many companies offer wedding discounts and special packages.  These wedding packages include campaign, flowers, and “Just Married” signs.  In addition to the hourly base rate, the following effect the price of a limo:

Minimum Run Times

Most limousines go out with a three hour minimum plus travel time. Three hours minimums are standard because companies can’t book runs in-between a split. Travel times vary. Most companies tack on an hour, but some will waive the charge altogether. This is the one area where charges are negotiable.

Gratuity and Surcharges

Wedding limousine service will include a driver gratuity and surcharge. In the industry, this is referred to as a “plus plus.” In other words, a black 10-pack will be quoted at “$75 an hour plus plus.” Driver gratuity ranges from 15% to 20%. If the company lists the gratuity as a driver charge or fee, beware, the company is stealing from the driver. The surcharge is usually ten percent. This charge is a recent phenomenon due to skyrocketing insurance and gas prices. If the company is hiding their surcharge by quoting a tax, move on. The ride in the back of a limo is a tax-free experience.

Time of Year and Vehicle

Prices vary based on time of year and vehicle. The quote above is for a white 10-pack. A stretch SUV Escalade will run between $500 and a $1000. Weekends can be more expensive than weekdays. Spring is more expensive than summer. It’s all about demand. Retail service usually has a variable price structure. If you want consistent prices, consider booking through a business service. The prices are higher, but they’re the same 365 days a year.

Shady Wedding Limo Service

Lastly, let us give a word of caution. When booking wedding limousine service always ask about the charges. For example, if you book a car for three hours and actually keep it for three hours and fifteen minutes, do you get charged for three hours and fifteen minutes, or do you get charged for six? Waiting charges and cleaning fees are another area to investigate. Most companies are extremely honest regarding their charges, but be careful of the cheap services making their money on the back-end.

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