Typical Limo Prices and Rates

Limo prices are based on hours of service. Unlike taxis, shuttles, and other forms of ground transportation, the mileage and number of passengers is irrelevant. No matter the vehicle, limo rates are set by the hour. (The one exception is a flat rate airport trip) Although this system may sound simple, many companies exercise complicated billing practices that include hidden fees and surcharges.

Sample Limo Prices

Town Car – $55-$65hr 

Mercedes Sedan – $75-$85hr

Standard SUV – $65-$85hr

15 Pass Van – $65-$75hr

Stretch SUV – $135-$175hr

Hummer SUV – $135-$175hr

Limo Bus – $150-$300hr

Standard Billing Practices

Minimums – Limo prices usually include a 3 hour minimum charge. In other words, if you use a limo for one hour, you will be charged for three. During busy periods (i.e. New Years Eve) minimums can be as high as eight hours.

Travel Time – Many companies charge from the time a limo leaves the garage to the time it returns. The time from the garage to the pickup location is called “travel time.” In order to simplify billing, most companies just add an extra hour.

Gratuity – Limo services automatically charge a 15%-20% gratuity. If the chauffeur is exceptional, you should add another 10%.

Tolls – Any charge incurred during a trip is usually added to the bill. One charge most clients are unaware of is the airport tax. If your trip begins at the airport, expect the limo price to include this additional charge.

Surcharges – Most companies charge a 10% administrative surcharge. This charge helps with the price increases in automotive and workman’s compensation insurance. In recent years, many companies have also added a 5% fuel surcharge.

Tax – Limousine prices are typically exempt from sales tax. Your bill may include numerous fees and surcharges, but it shouldn’t include a sales tax.

Weekday Vs. Weekend – Just like hotel rooms, limo rates are based on seasonal and daily demand. If you’re willing to pay a little more, a national business service will offer consistent rates.

Overages – An overage occurs when a limo goes over its reserved time. Most companies will continue the billing in 15 minute increments while others will charge by the hour. Unscrupulous services will charge a whole new trip.

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