Wedding Limousines Go Fast So Book Early

In most cases, wedding limousines should be booked six months before the wedding. If you wait any longer, you could be in trouble. This is especially true of specialty vehicles. These vehicles include white stretches, stretch SUV’s, and exotics. Also, if you’re planning a spring wedding, be prepared for competition from the proms. The typical prom limo is booked three months in advance. If you beat this timeline, you should be fine.

But It’s a Shotgun Wedding…

If you’re reading this within days of your upcoming wedding and still need to book a wedding limo rental, another option is available. The limousine industry can be broken down into two categories: business and retail. Business companies provide service for large corporate accounts. Retail companies service private individuals. In the world of business, weddings and proms are off the radar. In fact, business stretches typically sit around on the weekends. If you book a stretch within twenty-four hours, you should be alright. The only downside is selection and price. You’ll most likely be limited to a black 10-pack and have to pay a premium as a private party. Some good choices are Empire/CLS, Carey, Music Express, Dav El, Commonwealth, Diva, and BLS.  These companies are the dominant players in the limousiine industry.

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