8 Invaluable Tips For Limo & Car Service First Timers

1. Don’t Use The Glasses

When renting a limo or car service, don’t use the glasses. We know this sounds nuts, but seriously, don’t drink out of the glasses. Limousine companies aren’t restaurants so they rarely have a dishwasher. If the glasses are cleaned, it’s typically by the driver using Windex.

2. Provide Stops Ahead Of Time

When you have a trip with multiple stops, provide the addresses ahead of time. This will give the limo driver time to figure out the best routes to your desired locations.

3. Choose A Leader

When you’re partying with a group of friends, pick one responsible person to communicate with the driver. The driver needs to know where he’s going and how long he should wait. When everyone is so inebriated they can’t communicate, it can turn into an ugly situation. It’s cool to have a good time, just let the limo driver know what’s going on.

4. Rent A Six Pack

If you’re going out as couples, rent a six pack. This is the perfect vehicle for couples because it has two bench seats that face each other. It’s intimate and very romantic.

5. Bring Some DVD’s

If you’re planning on a long trip, bring some of your favorite DVDs along. Most limo drivers will have a few movies in the car, but why watch the chauffeur’s DVDs when you can enjoy your own?

6. Don’t Smoke

Don’t smoke in the car. In most states, it’s illegal to smoke in a limousine. Also, limo & car services typically forbid it to protect the vehicles. If you must, ask for permission from the chauffeur.

7. Ask For A Business Card

Always ask for the chauffeur’s business card when you get into the car. It’s easy to forget, so it’s best to ask at the beginning of the trip.

8. Request Liquor

If you want liquor in a limo, request it when you make the reservation. As standard policy, many services roll dry, but most companies will honor this request.

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