Prom Limousine Rates

A prom limousine will run between $400 and $1200 dollars.  Most limousines have a set rate and are billed by the hour. No matter the number of occupants, the base rate will stay the same. In addition, a few other things will effect the price during prom season:

Six Hour Minimums

Limos for prom will go out with a six hour minimum plus travel time. Six hour minimums are common due to the limited supply of limos during prom season. Unfortunately for the client, prom season is a sellers market for the limousine companies. A few companies offer 3 hour minimums, but the overwhelming demand makes it a rarity.

Driver’s Gratuity and Surcharges

A prom limousine will include a driver gratuity and a surcharge. Services charge a standard gratuity based on the total fare. This gratuity is typically 15% to 20%. If your bill comes to $500 dollars, expect to pay a $75 to $100 gratuity. The surcharge is usually ten percent. This fee covers the recent rise in gas prices and workman’s compensation. Not all prom limo services charge it, but it’s an accepted practice throughout the industry.

Time of Year and Vehicle

Prices vary based on time of year and vehicle. Spring is the busiest time of year for limousine services. Proms and weddings compete with one another and create incredible demand for the specialty vehicles. If you plan to rent a SUV limo (Hummer, Escalade) or a limo bus, expect to pay a premium. The weekend rate on an SUV can be as high as $150 an hour. A large capacity party bus (40 pass) will be at least $200 an hour. On the other end of the spectrum is the stretch limousine. During prom season, a stretch can go out as high as $85 an hour. The saving grace for these vehicles is their capacity. Admittedly they are expensive, but the cost can be split amongst a large group of people.

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