The Ultimate Limo Hire Guide

check2How To Choose A Great Limo Service

Finding a good limo service can be tricky. With so many companies and cars to choose from, how do you hire the right one? We know it may seem confusing, but by asking a few simple questions, a great company can be found. click to continue

check2How To Inspect A Limo Rental

Reliable limo rental services face a difficult challenge. With so many companies operating identical vehicles, it’s hard for a good company to stand out. After all, Town Cars are all the same …. Right? click to continue

check2Secrets The Limo Companies Don’t Want You To Know

One of the problems with the limousine industry is that it’s completely insular. Unless you work inside a limo company, it’s almost impossible to understand how it operates. From the outside it may appear simple, but in reality, many companies use a complicated set of business practices that are inherently dishonest. click to continue

check28 Invaluable Tips For Limo & Car Service First Timers

Make the most of your limo or car service.  Why make mistakes that can ruin your night out on the town.  Did you know most companies will provide liquor if you ask for it? click to continue


A complete list of terms and phrases used in the limousine industry. Also includes common slang. click to continue