Party Like Paris Hilton in a Stretch Limo

A stretch limo can turn an ordinary occasion into an event. With amenities such as mood lighting, stereo systems, and flat screen televisions, these vehicles are truly spectacular.

Three Sizes

Stretch limos come in three varieties. These are the six, eight, and ten passenger configurations. The most popular body style is the Lincoln Town Car followed by the Chrysler 300 and Cadillac DTS. Each is ideally suited for weddings, proms, and nights out on the town.

Six Pack (70″)

Before the super-stretches came along, the six-pack transported America’s elite for generations. This was the original stretch limousine. Although it’s fallen out of favor in recent years, it’s still the best choice for elegant transportation.

This car is ideally suited for couples. With two bench seats that face each other, the six-pack provides an intimate environment. It can seat six, but it’s meant to hold four.

Ten Pack / Eight Pack (100″/120″)

In recent years, the ten passenger limousine has taken over the industry. Today, these stretch limousines handle most of the work. Limo companies love them because they can handle the big events, but they can also cover jobs traditionally reserved for six-packs.

Eight passenger stretch limousines are still manufactured, but have become rare commodities with the popularity of ten packs. For all intents and purposes, an eight pack is a ten pack with one less seat.

Most ten packs are built with four doors, but five door models have started to catch on. The fifth door is great because easy egress is possible from the front of the passenger compartment. With this addition, passengers no longer have to crawl down the isle.

These cars come in two interior configurations: J-seat and tri-seat. As seen below, the J-seat is extremely elegant, but the tri-seat offers space and comfort. If you’re planning to spend long hours in a stretch limousine, go with the tri-seat.


A stretch limo comes with an array of amenities. These cars offer complimentary beverages, decanters and drinking glasses, and TVs with DVD players. They also feature privacy dividers, stereo systems, and fiber-optic mood lighting. These incredible vehicles will add a bit of class and fun to any event.


The advertised seating capacities for stretch limousines are very misleading. Most would assume that a ten passenger stretch holds ten people, but in reality, it holds far less. Depending on the seating configuration, a ten pack should comfortably hold seven to eight passengers behind the partition. This number can vary based on the coach builder, so always ask how many seat-belts are in the back of a stretch. This will give the true seating capacity of any limousine.

Fast Facts

Comfortable Capacity : 4-7 passengers

  • Six-Pack: 4 passengers
  • Eight-Pack: 6 passengers
  • Ten Pack: 7 Passengers

Luggage Capacity: 2 large bags + 3 carry-ons
Rate: $65-$95hr

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