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Party bus rentals are definitely a suspect part of the limo business. By in large, two main problems plague this subset of the industry. First, party buses are routinely operated without the proper permits. This is due to the fact that many small operators treat them just like any other limousine. In reality, a limo party bus is legally classified as a bus and requires safety inspections and specially licenced drivers who keep daily logs. The other big problem is the quality of the party buses. When these vehicles came on the market, a lot of people jumped into the business to make a quick buck. As a result, many of these motorcoaches are in poor operating condition. Most operators are exceptional, but the bad ones are especially egregious because their vehicles are fundamentally unsafe.

Advice on finding a great party bus rental

Cleanliness – This is a big one. If an operator isn’t taking the time to clean the bus, he probably isn’t taking the time to change the brakes. Due to the nature of the bookings, these vehicles can get really messed up. A dedicated operator will always wipe down the interior and properly clean the glassware. Check every part of the coach for signs of neglect.

Permits – As mentioned above, party buses require inspections and Class B drivers who keep daily logs. Make sure to check these items along with the insurance and license number. This number is located on the front and back bumper.

Amenities – Party buses are very complicated vehicles with numerous amenities such as flat screen televisions and fiber optic lighting. As result, it isn’t unusual for a few of these items to malfunction. When checking out the bus, turn on every light and inspect each electronic device. If the vehicle is less than perfect, move on or negotiate a lower price.

Capacities – Just like conventional limos, party bus operators typically overstate their passenger capacities. Although buses can carry a tremendous amount of weight, the issue really comes down to comfort. Many of these buses can hold up to 44 passengers, but the comfort level goes down as the passenger count goes up. When inspecting a party bus rental, check out every seating position and ask the operator for the “ideal” number of passengers.

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