Most Popular Airport Limousines

Lincoln Town Car

When it comes to airport limousines, nothing beats the Lincoln Town Car. This is a great airport limo because the Town Car is about two things: comfort and space. It can comfortably hold four tall adults (including the chauffeur) and provides ample trunk space for luggage and golf clubs. Although the Town Car is a true land yacht, remember, it’s ideally suited to hold four passengers and four bags.


For larger parties, an SUV is the next step up. Most airport limo services have one of three SUV’s: the Chevrolet Suburban, the GMC Yukon XL, or the Cadillac Escalade. With the exception of exterior trim details, these are the same vehicle with an identical seating configuration. The interior setup is as follows: Two captain chairs in the front, two captains in the middle, with a bench in the back. It ideally holds six adults (including driver) or seven people with a mix of children. Unlike smaller SUV’s, these vehicles have enormous luggage capacity. In the unlikely event you need more room; the backseat can be folded down. With the seat down, an SUV seats four passengers and can accommodate large items such as wardrobe cases and sports equipment.


If you’re traveling with a large group, a fifteen passenger van is an ideal choice. Although it’s far from luxurious, it’s an versatile choice among airport limousines. With the seats in, a van can comfortably hold fourteen passengers (including chauffeur). Unfortunately, with this setup, virtually no luggage room is available. If you have bags, ask to have the backseat taken out. With the rear seat out, the van will have a large cargo area and eleven available seats. The nice thing about a van is that it’s easily configurable for passengers and cargo. If you have people, leave the seats in. If you have cargo, take the seats out. Everything can be removed except the driver and passenger seat.

Stretch Limousine

Last but not least is the stretch limousine. With bars, DVD players, and flat screen televisions, stretches can turn the ordinary airport trip into an event. Available in Six, Eight, and Ten passenger configurations, the stretch is built for partygoers, but favored by businessmen and others who value privacy. The only downside to these wonderful vehicles is luggage space. Although it’s one of the largest airport limousines available, trunk space can be limited.

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