Make Al Gore Proud: Rent a Green Limousine

The green limousine is the hottest new trend on the limo scene. Everyone from Leonardo Decaprio to Steven Spielberg is choosing to go green. For those individuals seeking eco-friendly transportation, a green limo is the perfect choice.

Humble Beginnings

Most chauffeurs laughed at the sight of the first Prius limousine. After All, how could this little car compete against the mighty Town Car?

In reality, a hybrid limousine makes a lot of sense. By achieving vastly better fuel economy, the operating costs of a hybrid limousine is significantly lower than a traditional limo. In addition, a Prius costs less to purchase, maintain, and insure than a Lincoln Town Car.

Don’t Worry About The Size

In terms of space, the backseat passenger room is only a few inches smaller than a full-sized sedan. It’s perfect for the solo business traveler who rarely carries more than one piece of luggage.

For clients who need something a little bigger than a Prius, other options are available. CNG SUVs and Vans have been a part of many livery fleets since the mid nineties and biodiesel Excursions and Mercedes E-class sedans are the new kids on the block. Although the Prius has become the poster-child for the green limousine, a variety of vehicles are available for the environmentally conscious.

Where Do I Rent One?

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, a great company to rent a green limousine from is Ecolimo. Started in 2004, Ecolimo has become LA’s premier provider of fuel efficient chauffeured ground transportation. With a fleet of Priuses and alternative fuel SUVs, Ecolimo has built an impressive client list that includes such luminaries such as Al Gore and Charlez Theron. Although its focus is on environmentally friendly vehicles, its success is due to experienced chauffeurs and reliable service. If you’re interested in eco-friendly chauffeured transportation, be sure to put this company on the top of your list.

Fast Facts

Capacity: 4 passengers (Prius)
Comfortable Capacity: 3 passengers (Prius)
Luggage Capacity: 4 carry-ons
Rate: $55-65hr

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