Limo Bus vs Party Bus

Many clients ask the question, “What’s the difference between a limo bus and a party bus?” The answer is simple – absolutely nothing. Limo buses have many names – party buses, party rides, limousine buses – but they’re fundamentally the same. No matter the name, these vehicles share the same characteristic: they have a bus exterior with a limousine interior.

Types of Limo Buses

Front Cab BusTwo types of limo buses can be rented. The first is the popular front-engine cab-chassis design. This 20-30 passenger vehicle is commonly referred to as a minibus and is the predominate limo bus on the market. As seen by the accompanying photograph, it’s basically an oversized airport shuttle with a limousine interior. If you’re price-conscious, this is by far the best value in the industry. With a 30-way split, your money will definitely go a long way.

Diesel PusherThe other type of limousine bus is the rear-engine diesel-pusher. This vehicle can hold 30-40 passengers and is the biggest limo in the business. This mega-limo may look like a regular bus from the outside, but on the inside, it’s anything but regular. With leather seating, strobe lights, hard wood floors, and private VIP rooms, it’s sure to impress.

Watch Out For Scams

When renting a limo bus, always check out the vehicle. One of the biggest scams in the industry is to pass off a regular charter bus as a “party bus.” It may sound unbelievable, but it’s a very common practice. As with any other purchase, “buyer beware.”

Fast Facts

Capacity: Up to 44 passengers (may include standing room only)
Comfortable Capacity: Variable on layout
Luggage Capacity: 10+ bags in rear storage
Rate: $150-$300hr

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