How To Pick A Reliable Car Service

Finding a great car service can be a difficult challenge.  Most companies claim to provide dependable transportation, but in reality, their service is marginal at best. In order to provide reliable transportation, companies should meet a specific set of criteria.

Driver Pool

Unlike the starving actors driving on the weekends, the best drivers are career chauffeurs who take tremendous pride in their profession. In general, these drivers are educated, reliable, experienced, and very well paid. Career drivers provide transportation for decision-makers and are often responsible for million dollar accounts. Most importantly, they’re consistent and do perfect pick-ups day in and day out. When it comes to luxury car service, the equation is simple: the limousine service with the best chauffeurs is the best limousine service.

When setting up a account, inquire about driver pay. The best drivers typically go with the money. House drivers earn between seven and ten dollars an hour with a twenty percent gratuity. They’re paid on an hourly basis from the time they step into the car to the time they leave it. Medical, dental, and 401k plans are offered by the better companies. Independent operators make at least sixty-five percent of the base rate with a twenty-percent gratuity. All drivers should receive vacation time and regular days off.

Fleet Makeup

Sedans are the heart and soul of car service airport fleets. A corporate limousine service should consist of Lincoln L-series Town Cars with a few stretches and SUV’s in the mix. All vehicles should be the latest body style and have no more than 200,000 miles on the odometer. Always insist on well-maintained late model sedans with a minimum 1 million dollar insurance policy.

Corporate Infrastructure

Corporate infrastructure is vital to reliable service. A company that specializes in airport work should have a backup generator on location and secure servers for client data. It should also have a dispatch and reservation system with the capability to log-in remotely and an employee communication network that allows for voice and data transmission. Dispatchers and reservationists should be available around the clock and be part of an affiliate network that allows clients to book worldwide travel through a single phone number.

Reliable Back Office

Lastly, a car service should offer corporate billing and detailed invoices. Detailed invoices are especially important because limo companies are notorious for over billing. Each invoice should have a list of completed runs with the reservation number, passenger name, date, origin, destination, and time. With this data, runs can be verified and corrected.

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