Where Do I Meet the Airport Limousine Service?

Airport limousine service can be incredibly confusing. With multiple levels and completely different terminals, many airports are a total labyrinth. Most drivers try to wait in an obvious spot, but even then, it’s easy to miss a client.
As a rule of thumb, chauffeurs meet clients in baggage claim, not at the gate. Due to the changes made after 9/11, 99% of limo drivers are no longer allowed past the security checkpoints. In most terminals, drivers will wait at the bottom of the escalators in the baggage claim area.

If you’ve scheduled airport limousine service and don’t see your driver, always go to the baggage carousel. Due to crowded parking lots and incredibly long trip ticket lines, your driver is probably delayed. When he gets into the terminal, he’ll check the escalators first followed by the baggage carousel. If you’ve retrieved your bags and still haven’t made contact, call your limo service and arrange a curbside pickup.

Of special note:

Always carry your limousine contact information and confirmation number – If the airport limousine service doesn’t show, you’ll need this information to correct the problem.

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