Airport Limo Service Basics

An airport limo is the easy and convenient choice for airport transportation. Why take a beat-up taxi or a crowded shuttle when you can travel in the lap of luxury? Most people assume that limos are for the rich and famous, but in many cases, they’re cheaper than a cab.

Although cabs are great for last minute transportation, limousine companies provide consistent service and superior drivers. When compared to shuttles, airport limos offer efficient door-to-door service without the hassle of multiple stops. For those travelers seeking safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation, a limo to the airport is the smart choice.

Taking a Limo To The Airport

When traveling to the airport, your airport limo will arrive at your home fifteen minutes prior to the pre-arranged pick-up. The chauffeur will introduce himself and ask if you need help with your bags. Once the bags are loaded and you’re seated in the car, the chauffeur will confirm the airline information and ask for a preferred route. The typical limo to the airport will provide bottled water, candy, and a current periodical while in route. Upon arrival, the chauffeur will stop in front of your terminal, unload the bags, and if necessary, obtain the assistance of a skycap.

Taking a Limo From The Airport

When traveling from the airport, you will be greeted by the chauffeur in the baggage claim area. He will have a luggage cart and a sign displaying your name. Once he introduces himself, he will direct you to the baggage carousel, assist with your bags, and walk you out to the car. If you prefer, you can make arrangements with the airport limo service to get your own bags and be picked-up at the curb. Once in the car, the chauffeur will confirm your drop-off address, and proceed to your destination.

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