20 – Radio code for present location

10-9 – Radio code for communication not received

70 – Six passenger limo with 70″ stretch

100 – Eight passenger limo with 100″ stretch

120 – Ten passenger limo with 120″ stretch

As Directed – Client verbally directs chauffeur to destination

Charter – Limousine rental by the hour

Eight Pack – Eight passenger limousine

En Route – On the way to a pickup

Farm Out – Trip given out to another limo company

Holiday Surcharges – Fees charged on major holidays

Hourly – Limousine rental by the hour

House Driver – Chauffeur that drives a hotel limousine

Independent Operator – A driver that owns his vehicle

L series – Town Car with factory six inch stretch

Meet & Greet – Client is met at gate or baggage claim

No Show – Client doesn’t show up for trip

On Location – Driver at pickup address

Plus Plus – plus tax, plus gratuity

POB – Passenger On Board

Road Show – Multiple stop charter with financial executives

Six Pack – Six passenger stretch limousine

Surcharge – Additional fee for items such as fuel, typically 10%

Ten Pack – Ten passenger limousine

Tolls – Fee charged for use of road

Town-to-Town – Direct trip from one point to another

Transfer – Airport trip

Travel Time – Time from limo garage to pickup location

TCP – Transportation Charter Party

Wait Time – Time chauffeur waits for client to enter car