4 Killer Prom Limos

Stretch Limousine

When it comes to prom limos, a stretch is a classic ride. With amenities such as privacy dividers, fiber-optic mood lighting, and flat screen televisions, a stretch is sure to impress everyone at your big event. These vehicles come in a variety of models and sizes. Ten passenger models are the most popular followed by the eight and the six. Most stretches are based on the Lincoln Town Car, but the Chrysler 300 has been catching on the last few years. No matter the size or model, you’re sure to enjoy yourself.


As far as prom limos go, this is an unusual choice, but for discriminating couples it’s the perfect vehicle. The Mercedes S550 and the BMW 745 are typically used by high profile corporate executives, but for those individuals who want low key, yet elegant chauffeured transportation, it’s the right choice. Just remember, it’s built for two, so if you want to bring your friends along, opt for the six pack.

Stretch SUV (Hummer/Escalade)

If you want the coolest vehicle a prom limousine service has to offer, this is definitely the one. With features such as fireplaces, smoke machines, hardwood floors, 1000 watt stereo systems, plasma TVs, karaoke machines, and playstations; you’ll definitely be the center of attention. This is undeniably the ultimate limo for prom. Be warned though, if you rent one of these bad boys, you might as well skip the prom because the real fun is going to be inside your limo.

Party Bus

At All Things Limousine, we thought we had seen everything until we stepped into one of these incredible machines. With a hot tub, DirecTV, 42″ inch plasma television, on-board computer, private lounge, and full bar, a limo bus is literally a nightclub on wheels. This wonderfully spacious motor coach has seating for up to 40 people and even has an on-board restroom. This lavish bus is truly a unique vehicle. It’s rare that a prom limousine service has one of these available, so book early if you want one.

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